Qulture “High” Tea Party Kit


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Anqunette Sarfoh, AKA “Q”, an emerging cannabis leader in Michigan known for her work on social equity, legalization and medical marijuana work, is finally about to launch her newest venture: Qulture Tea Parties. The “Q”ulture Tea Parties are designed to bring people that are learning about the value of cannabis for medicinal and recreational purposes together in a safe virtual way. People pick up their tea kit for themselves and friends and join the party online with everyone. During the party, Anqunette and cannabis nurse Cathleen Graham discuss the best ways to use cannabis for wellness and Anqunette shows people the recipes she uses to improve health with food. All while everyone sips on Q’s special blend of an immunity boosting CBD infused tea. Interested individuals can procure the Tea Party kits at participating provisioning centers around the state. Each party kit will include CBD tea, a grinder card, chillum and an informational Cannabis 101 fold out pamphlet. Provisioning centers will then add cannabis flower and/or an edible and sell it at a price set by the provisioning center, so prices will vary depending on where you pick up the Qulture Tea Kits. They will take place monthly, on the last Thursday of the month, starting on Feb. 25th at 7:00. The online event is being sponsored by Select and is free of charge to participate. For more information and to sign up to receive a Zoom link to the party, visit: http://qultureclub.com Add this with any flower purchase for only $5.